Yoga by the Ocean
In this Interview series, we want to feature cool and inspiring women from all corners of the world to learn about their financial reality as well as how they navigate sustainability. Our goal is to showcase the breadth of values and practices, and how young women handles the challenges of our time. 
Our first ever tête-à-tête traded a corporate life in the UK with sun salutations and freelancing in South-East Asia. Keep on reading for some real talk on sustainability in third world countries, community, and how she manages her money in a country dominated by poverty. 

I have been trying to live a sustainable life while living in the west, but now living in quite a rural, still touristy place, it is not that easy. In this part of the world, regular people struggle with their daily needs such as water, food and housing (I am not talking about the lower class which is here still quite big. And they are the people whose main goal is to earn money to support their family to live. Therefore they do not care, about the environment and dump their trash anywhere, pack everything into plastic bags, ...and we as "privileged westerners" have no right to judge them. We can contribute to education and volunteering, but sustainability awareness comes with a standard of living increase).


Going back to your question - I consider sustainability an essential factor to keep in mind during each purchase we make and each action to take and keep trying as much as you can.


Money is important to a certain extent to me - they are a tool for me to have a certain standard of living: balanced and healthy diet, accommodation with running water, electricity and internet and access to healthcare. However, they are not the only tool to obtain these -you can live a minimalistic lifestyle and live in a community that has this all - without money. Just making sure that you contribute your bit to the community to be able to get what you need out of it.


When it comes to my saving and investment strategy - I am quite a "millennial". I spent most of my savings on travelling, and basically, all I own could be counted in a few thousand pounds at the moment :D.

And since we have just made a decision to move to Asia and I have recently started as a freelancer my current saving and investment strategy is to live as low cost as possible until I get paying clients :)


And what did I learn from my mum? Maybe patience, persistence and positive attitude.