In this interview series, we want to feature cool and inspiring women from all corners of the world to learn about their financial reality as well as how they navigate sustainability. Our goal is to showcase a breadth of values and practices, and how young women handle the challenges of our time. 

We're still in the Bay Area, and this week we are talking to Lynette from South Africa. Lynette is passionate about fin-tech and empowering marginalised groups, and believes in combining the two. She's currently interning at #HowSheWorks, a grassroot community for women, highlighting different paths to success and have previously co-founded a loan brokerage business. We we're intrigued to talk money and sustainability with this superwoman! 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means protecting what I love. It means enduring a little discomfort and changing my lifestyle where/when needed so as to ensure that I do not contribute to the devastation of our beautiful world. And it means gently educating those who are not on the same “wavelength” as I go along. I was fortunate enough to grow up in close proximity to nature and its endless wonders, and I look at our natural world and wonder how everyone is not concerned with its protection? How something so beautiful does not automatically spark the desire in each one of us to protect and preserve it for generation after generation to enjoy. But not everyone is aware or willing to change their habits, and so living sustainable for now means making my ‘negative impact’ on nature as small possible and educating by example as I go along.


(Why) is money important?

Money means freedom, to an extent. And I love my freedom!


What is your saving/investment/money strategy?

At the moment I am on more of a surviving strategy. But as soon as I have something to invest I will most probably be looking into some ETFs to invest in - there are some great sustainability focused funds to invest in!


(How) do you think Instagram affects our consumer behaviour and spending?

Instagram definitely makes me desire more things! Its hard not to want the beautiful dress, or shoes, or... as you scroll along and admire. But lately I have switched to following more informative accounts and I am loving it.


Please share one thing you learned from your mum?

Always ask yourself why that person acted like that before judging. My mom is one of the most forgiving and understanding people I know and I am proud to say that it rubbed off, at least a little!