Meet Martine, the super talented marketing manager working for the Oslo-based designer Mette Møller. She is passionate about digital marketing sharing advice at @markedsprat, and is dog mum of @bassethecorgi. On top of all this, she is also managing her finances like a ninja! 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means a lot to me. It means lifestyle, equality, rights. To me, it has involved an enormous reduction in consumption over the last four years. I never buy clothes anymore, except for one item from Mette Møller per collection (two items a year). I organise clothing swap evenings with my friends, where we swap clothes and thus renew our wardrobes without spending any money. An item which would otherwise have gone to a charity shop will instead go to a mate who will value it. I think this is super considering that the charity shops (in Oslo) are overfilled. Sustainability means making conscious consumer choices. I never buy without thinking it through. 

(Why) is money important?

Money is of paramount importance to me. Not because of buying power, but because of the security it brings. We live in a world of increasingly rapid change and who knows what it will look like in 20 or 30 years? I am quite frugal and save most of my salary, because I dont want to be part of the consumer obsessed society. Money gives me safety, freedom, and options. And yes, I see the irony in this coming from someone in marketing!


What is your money management strategy?

I believe it is called a zero-based budget. The point is that your income minus expenses should equal 0. I fill in my income and subtract all fixed expenses, and then I decide how much I will allow myself to spend on myself or the Other post in my budget, and the rest I transfer to a savings account and an index fund. This way I always break even and have put a significant sum in savings, as well as an idea of what I can spend on that month. The budget post called Other is normally spent on red wine and champagne. That is what I spend money on. That gives me joy;)

Please share one thing you learned from your mum?

My mum has thaught me so so much. One thing that stands out is her incredible love and care for people around her. She always puts others first. This is something I try to live up to. She is also one of the strongest people I know.