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How cabin fever can boost your Sunday

The pandemic continues to spread and many of us are spending more time at home. The uncertainty and fear can easily get to us and put us in a state of irrational panic - stockpiling toilet rolls won't do any good! Here are five ways to utilise your extra time at home and deal with that pressing cabin fever.

Reflect on your values

A crisis can often help one clarify what's important in life. Make a mood board or simply use pen and paper to journal about your core values. Family? Knowledge? Travel? Exercise? Once you are clear on exactly what's most important to you at this point in time, it's a good idea to assess your life and evaluate whether the way you are spending your time is aligned with your values. Is it time to make any changes?

Don't panic

One can easily fall into the trap of constantly watching the news because it can feel like the responsible thing to do to stay connected with the outside world. However, moderating your news intake and limiting your exposure to mass hysteria online is a much better option. Big, panic-y headlines will paint a dark picture of what's happening. Stick to watching serious press conferences and fact-based updates.

Catch up on your finances

When was the last time you calculated your net worth? How are your 2020 money goals progressing? What about that stuff you wanted to sell online? This is a great opportunity to sit down with a hot drink and update (or set up!) your personal finance spreadsheets: updating numbers from savings, investments and debt, and assessing how 2020 has been for you financially until now while there's time to adjust the sails.

Practice mindfulness

Either through yoga, meditation, or other mindfulness practices. Panic and stress will actually lower your immune system and is not good for your mental wellbeing when staying inside. Mindfulness, on the other hand, will lower your cortisol and help you stay relaxed and clear-headed. If meditation is not for you, try something more "actionable" like having a bath with music in the background, drawing or knitting.


Taking the time and effort to really go the extra mile with a meal is a great activity to do today. You get something physical to do, you get to use your senses, and you get to enjoy the meal once it's done! Put on a good playlist, and fill your pots with healthy goodies that will boost your immune system as well as your mood!

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