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An easy way to save £200 a year

Great news for those ages between 26 and 30 residing in the UK, with the release of the new “Millennial railcard”. Counter Intuitively, the 26-30 railcard does not exist as a physical card, existing only electronically on the railcard app.

The cost of the railcard is £30, enabling 1/3 off rail fares within the UK. It really doesn’t take many train journeys to save the initial expenditure, especially if you take the train to the airport! Or add in a few relaxing weekend trips - there are so many lovely destinations easily accessible by train.

A little-known fact is that the railcard may be loaded on to your oyster card for 1/3 savings on off-peak travel, i.e. travelling on weekends and after 7 pm on weekdays. Simply show your railcard to any TFL staff and ask them to apply the railcard to your oyster card.

Bonus: Taking the train is the most sustainable way to travel! Did you know that travel by rail releases the least amount of greenhouse gasses into the air out of all means of transportation*?

Head to for further information.

*Source: International Energy Agency

The number from the title is based on the average annual saving of railcard holders.

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