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6 habits to bring into 2020

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

New year, new me? New years resolutions are not known for lasting very long, nor are they likely to be very inspiring. Habits, however, formed over time, is proven time and time again to be key to lasting change and results. Keep reading for our most effective habits from 2019 that we will make sure to bring into the new year.

1. Live below means

This is arguably the one key step to financial freedom. Living below means allows for saving and investing as well as paying off bad debt.

Don't know where to start? Track your expenses to define the sum you need to live every month. The rest, including pay increase or extra income, should go towards savings or debt.

2. Miracle Morning

We discovered Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning routine through the Deliciously Ella podcast and were immediately hooked. The routine is about getting out of bed a little bit earlier to completing six steps before anything else. How wonderful to let social media, emails and news come into our lives after completing this time to ourselves! The six steps include reading, exercising, writing, meditation, affirmations and visualisation.

Some days will only allow a few minutes to each step, however, taking this time to be mindful and kind to your body will really set you up for a positive and productive day!

3. Avoid single-use plastic

There are so many areas where you can easily eliminate single-use plastic from your life. Take the time to implement these habits! Plastic ends up in landfill or in the oceans, damaging animal life and nature. Additionally, because of plastic contamination in food including microplastic, we end up consuming alarming levels of plastic every month.

Eliminating plastic bottles, lunch packaging, single-use coffee cups and plastic bags are easy elements to start with. Challenge yourself to start using bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cotton pads, and refillable containers for grains in the year ahead!

4. Invest in self-development

Investing time in educating yourself financially or developing your skillset is always worthwhile! Self-development can be achieved through books, podcasts, courses, coaching, formal education - just to mention a few.

What it will look like for you is for you to decide. Ask yourself what you would benefit from learning more about. Would cooking skills make it easier to stay healthy and cut restaurant expenses? Perhaps a marketing course would help you promote your business or excel in your job? Do you know everything you need about? Get educated!

5. Multiple income streams

In 2019, we've experimented with different income streams - some we will stick with and some we won't. It takes some trial and error to see what actually is worth that extra time and effort - calculating an approximate hourly wage can help you clarify this. Enjoyment should be taken into this equation as well - dog walking is probably more enjoyable than Deliverooing in the rain!

If you want to level up a digital side hustle businesses - automation and scaling are key. Online courses, digital products or larger group consulting sessions are more lucrative than 1:1 consulting and selling physical products!

6. Work towards clear goals

Setting SMART goals and plan how to reach them is essential for progress. Few, carefully planned goals are easier to achieve than many vague ones, so select a two or three strategical areas you want to focus on.

Visualisation and affirmations are great tools in the process of reaching your goals. This will prepare your mindset to succeed in reaching them, and your subconscious will work on identifying ways to make them a reality. Writing your goals with pen and paper is proven to increase your chances for achievement by 33 per cent!

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