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5 ways to start a Zero Waste journey

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Everyones journey to reducing waste and toxins look different. Start with something easy and build new habits from there. Here's five easy changes you can turn into habits today.

Say no to plastic bags

The use of single use plastic bags has dropped about 80% since the 5p charge was introduced! Switching to tote bags is an easy way to reduce your plastic waste.

Tote bag from Etsy

Reduce packaging

Brands like Lush offer lots of cosmetic products sans waste. In their shops you can buy cleansers and other bar products in loose weight - and they smell delicious.

Cleansing bars from Lush

Use reusable bottles and cups

With so many beautiful reusable products on the market, theres no reason to buy plastic bottles or disposable take-away cups. Only about 1% of paper cups are recycled and very few waste management facilities can actually recycle them because the paper is coated with plastic. An increasing number of coffee shops are offering a discount to customers bringing their own cups, too.

Coffee cup from E Coffee Cup; Triple-walled drink bottle from S’well; Water bottle with rose quartz and rock crystal from Bewater.

Skip the plastic on produce

Putting your fruit and veg in those thin plastic bags in the supermarket is unnecessary. Just remember to rinse before cooking.

Choose clean hygiene products

There's many reasons to replace tampons with a moon cup. Tampons end up in landfill or the ocean before they break down to micro plastic. They also contain (residue of) bleach, glue, chlorine, lotion, and perfume. A menstrual cup will cut your waste from 10-20 tampons per cycle, to zero!

Menstrual cup from OrganiCup

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